If you're not familiar with the Trans-America Trail (TAT), it's a route that starts in Tennessee and ends in Oregon. Designed for dualsport bikes, the goal is to stay off of paved roads as much as possible. We like to call our trip the West-America Trail (WAT) since it started in San Diego, connected to the TAT in Utah, and then came back down the length of California. We did the trip with our dog, Simon, who is now a dirt veteran and itching for the next adventure. Or, more likely, he's just itching.

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Day 1: San Diego, CA to Blythe, CA

Day 2: Blythe, CA to Crown King, AZ

Day 3: Crown King, AZ to Camp Verde, AZ

Day 4: Camp Verde, AZ to Bluff, AZ

Day 5: Bluff, UT to Moab, UT

Day 6: Moab, UT to Salina, UT

Day 7: Salina, UT to Garrison, UT

Day 8: Garrison, UT to Ely, NV

Day 9: Ely, NV to Eureka, NV

Day 10: Eureka, NV to Battle Mountain, NV

Day 11: Battle Mountain, NV to McDermitt, NV

Day 12: McDermitt, NV to Denio Junction, NV

Day 13: Denio Junction, NV to Lakeview, OR

Day 14: Lakeview, OR to Crater Lake, OR

Day 15: Crater Lake, OR to Canyonville, OR

Day 16: Canyonville, OR to Port Orford, OR

Day 17: Port Orford, OR to Crescent City, CA

Day 18: Crescent City, CA to Bridgeville, CA

Day 19: Bridgeville, CA to Lake Pillsbury, CA

Day 20: Lake Pillsbury, CA to Auburn, CA

Day 21: Auburn, CA to Lake Tahoe, CA

Day 22: Lake Tahoe, CA to Silver Lake, CA

Day 23: Silver Lake, CA to Death Valley, CA

Day 24: Death Valley, CA to Big Bear City, CA

Day 25: Big Bear City, CA to San Diego, CA

Entries of all the work that lead up to the TAT is here.

If you'd like to go on another adventure with Simon, check out the Continental Divide trip.